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Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

Marketing Outreach Coordinator

By nature, I possess a cheerful and sincere personality that is filled with positive energy. Therefore, I have found myself in the perfect role here at Smart Money Innovations. 

I am frequently the first point of contact that new prospects will encounter when they enquire about our investment services.

In addition to my role as Marketing Outreach Coordinator, I strive to provide support for both our Director of Client Services and our Investment Advisor.

Jessica “Jess” Peterson, a former small business owner, brings extensive knowledge of internal operations which has had a positive impact on both marketing efforts and helping the internal processes run more smoothly.

Her cheerful personality serves her well when interfacing with clients and prospects whether on the phone or in person.

In addition, in her prior role, she developed creative management strategies and Customer Service skills which have greatly benefited the company.

In her free time, Jess loves dancing with her daughters, being active in her community and church and sharing joy with others through her passion of cooking and baking.